What is it about alcohol that makes it so addictive? Is it the fact that it lowers our inhibition to the point that when we want something we HAVE to get it? Or is it because of the fact that the effects make us do things that we normally don’t?

I have always wandered the question, “why does alcohol affect us the way it does?”, and i found the answer in medicine. It increases the inhibitory chemicals in the central nervous system thereby making our body more depressed yet our minds actively working.

For me its more like a gateway to a person i have have never known yet stays within me, depressed. Its like a wonder drug that makes my mind go kaboom! I am not endorsing drinking in any way. Alcohol is dangerous to our bodies in large quantities yet in moderation it has shown to cause a decrease in the common maladies people are affected with viz. hypertension and diabetes.


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