Fitness and Aesthetics

Terms like body building and muscle growth always sound so extreme. They sound worse than their meaning.

When we exercise our body undergoes some changes. It can be any form of exercise, simple cardiovascular activities like running, cycling, swimming or basic home exercises like push ups and pull ups. All these exercise put a strain on our bodies. These strains break our body on a cellular level and then the body reacts. During the sleep after exercise, our bodies work hard, not only to restore the damaged cells, but to increase their size so as to compensate for future strains. Continued, this process increases the size of our muscles and causes their growth which is termed as muscle growth. This muscle growth builds up our body which is bodybuilding.

Thus generally speaking, anyone involved in any kind of physical activity for a long time is actually a bodybuilder!

Engaging in any physical activity and eating healthy food is a healthy lifestyle choice. It not only wards off diseases of the sedentary life but also improves mood and increases immunity. It makes an individual fit and we all know that the fittest always survives.

A new term is aesthetic bodybuilding, where people build their bodies to simply look good. This kind of physique is attractive to many of our younger generations and I myself find it quite appealing which is the reason why i work out!



From seances to psychic societies to paranormal activities to poems and everything else, ghosts are a part of our lives now. Whether the reason is entertainment or sorrow, fear is an integral part of ourselves. Why are we so fascinated by them? Fear occurs in tangible and intangible scenarios. Imagine yourself in the bed when you hear whispers, footsteps approaching and gun cocking. This activates your alarm system which increases your heartbeat, induces sweating and makes your muscles tense. This is a classic fight or flight response of the body.

Now imagine yourself in a dark room, pitch black. You move your hands to feel, but there’s nothing there. You become slightly afraid of something. Something lurking behind you. You turn around, there’s nothing there. And then u hear a clap in your right ear. Imagine your situation then. Gives shudders, doesn’t it?

Why does it induce fear, the dark? The answer lies in nature. Most of the predators of nature are nocturnal hunters, so our ancestors didn’t venture out into the darkness for the fear of being attacked.

Fear, besides being rooted deeply in our minds, is also influenced by our upbringing. If a young child is afraid of something and her parents remain calm and assure her that its not a threat, the child is convinced, however if the parents are apprehensive about it then the child’s doubts and fears will grow.

So, do ghosts exist? The scientific answer is no. There is no evidence of spirits or paranormal activity of any kind. However, the fact that there is evidence means nothing to most of the people and the fear remains perpetually in all our hearts no matter how hard we try.