Changing minds

7:12 am. It’s bleak outside. The engine is roaring. Sitting by the window seat in the middle third of the bus I realized how frustrating it really is. The people, the situation, everything gave me a sense of disappointment. 

Suddenly the engines slowed down, the bus came to a grinding halt. For no apparent reason the bus seemed to wait. Far off into the mountains, a glimmer of sunshine shone. I watched intently contemplating if i should click a picture of it. Just then an elderly couple entered the bus. A young girl in the front seat got up to let them sit. The husband motioned to his wife to take the seat and another man left his seat to let the old man sit. Just then a flood of sunshine filled the sky. It seemed as if the nature was portraying my own changing mentality. 

 A few seconds ago what seemed bleak and unforgiving turned completely around. My faith in people restored. Good and bad are just two sides of the same coin. None can last forever. It’s like the swing of the pendulum. The world turns. It’s dynamic.


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