“God! Kill me already!”

This is what comes to mind when sitting and waiting in the long, barely moving traffic queue. This is not a problem of a locality, it is worldwide. Especially so in densely populated areas, so-called economic capitals and fashion capitals and others. When thinking about it, it not only makes us frustrated but angry as well. “Why can’t somebody do something about this? Why is this happening? Why is that madman driving like he is the king of the road?” are a few examples of our own thoughts.

It is not a problem, actually. It is fairly predictable. When large group of people move from one point to the other at almost the exact same time on the same days, traffic jams are bound to occur. Yet everyday we sit through it, cursing and mumbling.

Dealing with traffic jams is not only a burden to us it also a burden to the people who are responsible to manage it. Lets think about the traffic police who stand all day, bearing the dust, the rain and the sound incessantly. Hats off to them. They are the true heroes.

“What can be done then?”, u ask. Well, it depends on ourselves. Making sure that traffic jams don’t occur by taking the alternative route or leaving house early or travelling by public vehicles now and again. I suggest that the government make 3 days a week public vehicle days when we have to use them. After enough public vehicles are added, of course. Each of the solutions has shortcomings and frustrations of their own which is another topic in itself!