Can’t score a net after 25 shots. Can’t complete a figure of 8 on a motorbike after 7 days of riding. Can’t complete a single set of push ups after 5 days of working out. These things make me frustrated. But what exactly is frustration?

It is the feeling of being upset after being unable to achieve something. Whenever we want something, we typically do something else to get it. When that act of doing something doesn’t get us the desired thing, frustration comes into play. It natural to get frustrated but it is not natural to continue being frustrated and not doing anything. Frustration is nature’s way of saying,”Your attempts are not enough, you are not yet capable,try again!”

We can take this above sentence positively and work on our abilities and try until we get it  or we can act angry at the advice, lash out, sulk and never do anything to achieve our dreams. The former gets us closer to our dream the latter pushes us farther.