Does my forehead have any clues about my future? What do the lines on my palm mean for my education, marriage and well being?

Superstitions are  common in every part of the world but the intensity by which they operate varies. Here, it is very common to see a astrologist almost immediately after the birth of a child, before marriage ceremony and during troubling times of any sort. But do these practices really find out the luck of the person? What is luck?

Luck as a noun, refers to the¬†success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. The definition focuses on the part of our own actions and it is true, we have all done it. Whenever a bad thing happens the causation is transferred to luck. It is so easy! Failed an exam? So unlucky! Didn’t get the driving license? So unlucky!

This practice more often than not, inspires us to abandon the hard work required to perform a task and instead sulk about luck. Luck is nothing after proper preparation. Having a repertoire full of knowledge and experience, eliminates luck to complete any task. Depending upon ourselves will make us lucky automatically.