We have all had that moment. That moment when we dread physical activity. That moment when we just don’t want to do stuff anymore. Why does that happen?

In the early days of human evolution, our ancestors had to conserve energy when resources were scarce. But now, we don’t have need to hunt and gather anymore. Most of us can make our ends meet with a typical behind the desk job. The advent of the digital age and rise of online markets have significantly made our lives much easier. This all converts to staying within the confines of the four walls thereby increasing laziness. In addition to that we have a variety of gadgets to help us be more lazy. Gadgets of all sizes and shapes which “automate” a variety of tasks.

Do we truly need robotic vacuum cleaners? Self stirring cups? Can’t we stir a cup now? These things were invented for people with special needs, instead we are using it to avoid getting up which is unjustifiable.

It is never a good thing to be lazy. It only makes our lives sedentary which is not a healthy lifestyle and since it is a factor over which we have control, we should all try to avoid it once and for all.