What is it that makes us get out of our beds in the morning? Is it work? Is it something else? Well, whatever “it” is, that’s inspiration. We attach  a lot of significance to the word but we don’t know that if we didn’t have inspiration we would not be able to do anything at all.

It seems as if we need an inspiration to do something that we have never done before. But we don’t know that we already have inspiration to do a lot of things.

We find inspiration from many things. Some of us find it in the eyes of our parents, some of us in other successful people, some still in nature and so on. However we must know that inspiration comes from within. It has to do with self esteem and confidence in what we do. Like, where did i find and inspiration to write this? It was from within (although i needed a nudge to push me!) and that’s what we all should do, look within, think about ourselves, let go of our fears and soar!



Trust. Compromise. Behave. Try. Cry. Lose sleep.

These words come to mind when thinking about relationship. We have all been in one and its, quite frankly, tiring. We all try our best to maintain it and most of the times it works but a time eventually comes when we give all of our hopes up and fear for the worst.

There’s a thin lie between love and hate. And that line may be an act or a lack of it. It often results in a clash, then comes anger then repentance and finally guilt. Compromises must be made. The walls of a relationship are made of thin legs of trust and honesty as we  all have already heard probably a hundred times but its true. In a relationship of two persons  at least one must be strong and willing to compromise or “take the high road”.


What is it about alcohol that makes it so addictive? Is it the fact that it lowers our inhibition to the point that when we want something we HAVE to get it? Or is it because of the fact that the effects make us do things that we normally don’t?

I have always wandered the question, “why does alcohol affect us the way it does?”, and i found the answer in medicine. It increases the inhibitory chemicals in the central nervous system thereby making our body more depressed yet our minds actively working.

For me its more like a gateway to a person i have have never known yet stays within me, depressed. Its like a wonder drug that makes my mind go kaboom! I am not endorsing drinking in any way. Alcohol is dangerous to our bodies in large quantities yet in moderation it has shown to cause a decrease in the common maladies people are affected with viz. hypertension and diabetes.


I literally have no idea what i am  doing.

I guess that’s what life is. It’s a collection of twist and turns that ultimately place us in positions that we find surprising. And it may be a good or a bad thing. Depends on who we are.

“It about the journey”, they say and “they” talk a lot. But “they” don’t know  what they are talking about. Life is a journey yes but it’s not all about it. If the destination is beautiful the journey, however hard it may be, will seem to be nothing.

The idea is to write something interesting, something we will be hooked on to and something that will satisfy us after reading it. The rolling sunset in the picture doesn’t seem to be in order for the given topic but it represents the faint glimmer of hope that i have for this piece of writing.

First blog post

Ok. So this is my 1st blog. I have had an interest in this platform for quite a while now but i was too afraid to try anything out. You see, i have this problem, every time i  try out new things i get uncomfortable. But a wise man once said ” You will never be successful if you don’t get out of your comfort zone once in a while.” And this adage has helped me to break past the walls that are holding me back. So here i am with my 1st blog which i hope will not be the last!