Changing minds

7:12 am. It’s bleak outside. The engine is roaring. Sitting by the window seat in the middle third of the bus I realized how frustrating it really is. The people, the situation, everything gave me a sense of disappointment. 

Suddenly the engines slowed down, the bus came to a grinding halt. For no apparent reason the bus seemed to wait. Far off into the mountains, a glimmer of sunshine shone. I watched intently contemplating if i should click a picture of it. Just then an elderly couple entered the bus. A young girl in the front seat got up to let them sit. The husband motioned to his wife to take the seat and another man left his seat to let the old man sit. Just then a flood of sunshine filled the sky. It seemed as if the nature was portraying my own changing mentality. 

 A few seconds ago what seemed bleak and unforgiving turned completely around. My faith in people restored. Good and bad are just two sides of the same coin. None can last forever. It’s like the swing of the pendulum. The world turns. It’s dynamic.



Why does loneliness hurt so much? One moment you are happy and among everyone, the next you are all alone in your room wandering what went wrong. I know it is bound to happen sometime, but does it have to?

Relationships are real emotional roller coasters. The moment you think you know someone then they do something different. They become the person you don’t want to be with. Relationships are hard, i get it. There are sacrifices to be made, compromises to be made, yet after all that, does it still have to be hard? Being alone in  a relationship is pretty difficult. The emotional barricade is tremendous. Something is bound to snap. And what does that do; hurt you.

Fitness and Aesthetics

Terms like body building and muscle growth always sound so extreme. They sound worse than their meaning.

When we exercise our body undergoes some changes. It can be any form of exercise, simple cardiovascular activities like running, cycling, swimming or basic home exercises like push ups and pull ups. All these exercise put a strain on our bodies. These strains break our body on a cellular level and then the body reacts. During the sleep after exercise, our bodies work hard, not only to restore the damaged cells, but to increase their size so as to compensate for future strains. Continued, this process increases the size of our muscles and causes their growth which is termed as muscle growth. This muscle growth builds up our body which is bodybuilding.

Thus generally speaking, anyone involved in any kind of physical activity for a long time is actually a bodybuilder!

Engaging in any physical activity and eating healthy food is a healthy lifestyle choice. It not only wards off diseases of the sedentary life but also improves mood and increases immunity. It makes an individual fit and we all know that the fittest always survives.

A new term is aesthetic bodybuilding, where people build their bodies to simply look good. This kind of physique is attractive to many of our younger generations and I myself find it quite appealing which is the reason why i work out!


From seances to psychic societies to paranormal activities to poems and everything else, ghosts are a part of our lives now. Whether the reason is entertainment or sorrow, fear is an integral part of ourselves. Why are we so fascinated by them? Fear occurs in tangible and intangible scenarios. Imagine yourself in the bed when you hear whispers, footsteps approaching and gun cocking. This activates your alarm system which increases your heartbeat, induces sweating and makes your muscles tense. This is a classic fight or flight response of the body.

Now imagine yourself in a dark room, pitch black. You move your hands to feel, but there’s nothing there. You become slightly afraid of something. Something lurking behind you. You turn around, there’s nothing there. And then u hear a clap in your right ear. Imagine your situation then. Gives shudders, doesn’t it?

Why does it induce fear, the dark? The answer lies in nature. Most of the predators of nature are nocturnal hunters, so our ancestors didn’t venture out into the darkness for the fear of being attacked.

Fear, besides being rooted deeply in our minds, is also influenced by our upbringing. If a young child is afraid of something and her parents remain calm and assure her that its not a threat, the child is convinced, however if the parents are apprehensive about it then the child’s doubts and fears will grow.

So, do ghosts exist? The scientific answer is no. There is no evidence of spirits or paranormal activity of any kind. However, the fact that there is evidence means nothing to most of the people and the fear remains perpetually in all our hearts no matter how hard we try.

The Ship of Theseus

Theseus is an ancient Greek character. He was one of the founder of Rome. This story is about his ship. The story is that Theseus had a ship, a tall, beautiful ship in which he came to Rome. The people of Rome preserved this ship long after Theseus was dead. The people replaced the planks as they decayed, they replaced the masts, the sails were repaired and later replaced. These parts were identical to the original parts as the people wanted to preserve the heritage of Theseus. After enough time, all the parts of the ship are replaced. So, is this new ship same as the ship in which theses arrived to Rome? It looks identical to the original, yet Theseus has not put his foot in the deck of this ship. Also, if a ship is constructed out of all the original parts, will this ship be same as the original?

Actually, the ship of Theseus is a paradox, a thought experiment. Same thing can be said about us. Are we the same person that we were 10 years ago? No, we aren’t. The cells of our body are constantly being shed and replaced over a period of time. So, we are not made up of the same matter in the past that we are made up of  now. Not only the physical matter but our thoughts, feelings, memories have been altered. Pretty amazing huh!

Another  interesting paradox is related to time travel. In this paradox, we imagine a man in an empty room where a mirror is placed in the center. The mirror is a time machine which takes him 10 minutes into his past. What if he was to take a pistol, go through the mirror and shoot himself? Will he be dead? If he is dead, he couldn’t have gone through the mirror to fire a bullet. This is the grandfather paradox.

These kind of paradoxes test our brains and its interesting to know these once in a while. They are usually hard wrap our heads around because they are fundamentally contradictory in nature and our brains have a hard time figuring them out. They may be considered as “brain workouts”!


We have all had that moment. That moment when we dread physical activity. That moment when we just don’t want to do stuff anymore. Why does that happen?

In the early days of human evolution, our ancestors had to conserve energy when resources were scarce. But now, we don’t have need to hunt and gather anymore. Most of us can make our ends meet with a typical behind the desk job. The advent of the digital age and rise of online markets have significantly made our lives much easier. This all converts to staying within the confines of the four walls thereby increasing laziness. In addition to that we have a variety of gadgets to help us be more lazy. Gadgets of all sizes and shapes which “automate” a variety of tasks.

Do we truly need robotic vacuum cleaners? Self stirring cups? Can’t we stir a cup now? These things were invented for people with special needs, instead we are using it to avoid getting up which is unjustifiable.

It is never a good thing to be lazy. It only makes our lives sedentary which is not a healthy lifestyle and since it is a factor over which we have control, we should all try to avoid it once and for all.


Does my forehead have any clues about my future? What do the lines on my palm mean for my education, marriage and well being?

Superstitions are  common in every part of the world but the intensity by which they operate varies. Here, it is very common to see a astrologist almost immediately after the birth of a child, before marriage ceremony and during troubling times of any sort. But do these practices really find out the luck of the person? What is luck?

Luck as a noun, refers to the success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. The definition focuses on the part of our own actions and it is true, we have all done it. Whenever a bad thing happens the causation is transferred to luck. It is so easy! Failed an exam? So unlucky! Didn’t get the driving license? So unlucky!

This practice more often than not, inspires us to abandon the hard work required to perform a task and instead sulk about luck. Luck is nothing after proper preparation. Having a repertoire full of knowledge and experience, eliminates luck to complete any task. Depending upon ourselves will make us lucky automatically.


Can’t score a net after 25 shots. Can’t complete a figure of 8 on a motorbike after 7 days of riding. Can’t complete a single set of push ups after 5 days of working out. These things make me frustrated. But what exactly is frustration?

It is the feeling of being upset after being unable to achieve something. Whenever we want something, we typically do something else to get it. When that act of doing something doesn’t get us the desired thing, frustration comes into play. It natural to get frustrated but it is not natural to continue being frustrated and not doing anything. Frustration is nature’s way of saying,”Your attempts are not enough, you are not yet capable,try again!”

We can take this above sentence positively and work on our abilities and try until we get it  or we can act angry at the advice, lash out, sulk and never do anything to achieve our dreams. The former gets us closer to our dream the latter pushes us farther.


“God! Kill me already!”

This is what comes to mind when sitting and waiting in the long, barely moving traffic queue. This is not a problem of a locality, it is worldwide. Especially so in densely populated areas, so-called economic capitals and fashion capitals and others. When thinking about it, it not only makes us frustrated but angry as well. “Why can’t somebody do something about this? Why is this happening? Why is that madman driving like he is the king of the road?” are a few examples of our own thoughts.

It is not a problem, actually. It is fairly predictable. When large group of people move from one point to the other at almost the exact same time on the same days, traffic jams are bound to occur. Yet everyday we sit through it, cursing and mumbling.

Dealing with traffic jams is not only a burden to us it also a burden to the people who are responsible to manage it. Lets think about the traffic police who stand all day, bearing the dust, the rain and the sound incessantly. Hats off to them. They are the true heroes.

“What can be done then?”, u ask. Well, it depends on ourselves. Making sure that traffic jams don’t occur by taking the alternative route or leaving house early or travelling by public vehicles now and again. I suggest that the government make 3 days a week public vehicle days when we have to use them. After enough public vehicles are added, of course. Each of the solutions has shortcomings and frustrations of their own which is another topic in itself!